That is great! We are happy to collaborate with them also and introduce them, with your pre-approval, to My Business Exit Team professionals – or not if you prefer. Use as many or as few of our professionals as you like.

No, we are exit vehicle agnostic. Our goal is to find the best exit strategies to fit your financial and lifestyle goals.

My Business Exit Team is wholly owned by Fair Weather Strategies, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. See About Us.

? In selecting professionals to introduce you to, we opt for professionals that are experienced in their field, with several years in their industry. In general, we prefer to select specialists in their fields rather than "jack of all trade" professionals.

No, vendors never pay us to be listed on the site or to receive referrals. Do note however that Fair Weather Strategies has in the past or may in the future receive referrals from these professionals or their firms and you may perceive that as a conflict of interest.

No. Any services performed for you by professionals we make introductions to are subject to separate agreements between you and them directly. While we have interviewed all the professionals we make introductions to and have worked with many of them for several years, we are not responsible for the work they perform for you. We are confident, however, that these seasoned professionals will do great work for you.

Where any non-disclosure agreements are signed, they will be between your and the professionals we introduce you to.

No, we will conduct a one-hour initial data-gathering consultation with you free of charge.

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